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#1039: The Negotiator

July 22, 2015

Notes from the Manager

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There will be three strips this week! (I think this extra update makes me officially caught up from my two week pause earlier in the summer.)

There are nine days left on the Multiplex: The Revenge Kickstarter, with nearly 43% of the goal remaining (as I write this). The first two days were absolutely astonishing, but new pledges have slowed down greatly in the weeks since. At the current rate for new pledges, we will fall short of the funding goal by a few thousand dollars, and the book series won’t be able to continue!

I realize the goal is higher than for Book Two, but with the huge jump in printing costs since Book Two was printed just two years ago, this was unavoidable. The budget is somewhat conservative, too, so it’s possible that I can produce and ship the book (and all the rewards) under budget, and if so, any surplus funds will go toward the production of Book Four, reducing the amount I’ll need to raise for that book. All funds raised by the Kickstarter project will go to the book series.

It’s certainly possible that Multiplex’s following simply isn’t large enough to support a print book series — but I hope this isn’t the case, and I hope that if you haven’t already, you’ll consider helping support the book series, directly (by pledging) or indirectly (telling your friends about the strip and/or the Kickstarter project).

Remember, the print books aren’t just collections of old material: they’re more Multiplex — and Book Three has roughly 35 pages of new comics! The print books mean that I can meet you at comic book conventions (after I finish grad school). And they mean I’ll be able to keep producing more Multiplex even after the webcomic ends.

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Although Multiplex has ended, thanks to readers like you on Patreon, the Multiplex 10 will stay open for business! I’ll be posting bonus comics from future print collections, Multiplex Movie Review strips, updates on the upcoming Multiplex 10 animated short, and, of course, other non-Multiplex stuff.

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Multiplex 10: Hyrule Isn’t Going to Save Itself

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

If you’ve seen the rough animatic of the first scene from the animated short (which I posted both on Patreon and in the Kickstarter updates), you know that the episode begins before Jason has started working at the Multiplex 10.

So here’s one difference between the Multiplex 10 “universe” and Multiplex (comic strip) canon; Franklin started at the theater before Jason does. Also, the movie poster frames aren’t red anymore, because their vests are red, that was a really stupid decision, and I should have changed it ten years ago.

I feel bad that Franklin only has a small cameo in the first episode, especially since I already know who I want to voice him (hi, Terrence). Sadly, a lot of things that factor big in the comic won’t turn up in the first eleven minute episode, because it focuses on Kurt and Jason. But hopefully we’ll get to make more.

And even if we can’t, I’ll still want to make some mini-webisode sort of things and maybe a digital comic (e.g. Comixology Submit style)… and, of course, there’s also a tabletop/card game in development. So, like I’ve said, I’m not done with these characters yet.


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