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Multiplex for iPhone and iPod touch 2.1 is rolling out to the App Store!

iOS Simulator Screen shot May 13, 2014, 10.48.17 AMMultiplex for iPhone and iPod touch has a slightly overdue refresh: Version 2.1 is in the App Store — well, some places. It may take a bit to get to you, but it is coming!

As users of the app know, it has been a little dodgy lately. What’s happening is, some strip images are being loaded and the app doesn’t recognize that it has finished downloading. It’s a really weird bug, because it only started happening recently, and it only affects certain strips—but if the current strip in the strip view is affected, the app will not load.

Version 2.1 includes a completely rebuilt-for-iOS 7 strip view that fixes the issue. It also sports a UI refresh for iOS 7 (just in time for iOS 8!) and fixes a couple of other minor bugs, like one that would cause the Notes from the Manager to fail to load occasionally.

The bad news is that the app will only support iOS 7 now. Jelly (the developer) and I don’t have the resources to spend more time tracking down what’s actually causing the problem—we’ve tried and failed; it’s a free app; and Jelly is donating his time to make it exist in the first place. So, I’m sorry, iOS 6 users. You will need to upgrade to iOS 7 to use with app with any confidence. You can delete and reinstall the app and it should start working again, but as I said, some strip images may cause it to break again, and we have not been able to figure out why. Literally nothing changed in the code or in the way that I’ve prepared the images.

Hopefully more features will come soon!

If you use the app, please review it! And if you find any bugs, please let us know! We can’t fix it unless we know about it!

Multiplex: There and Back Again wins an IPPY!

Multiplex: There and Back Again final cover

I’m very pleased to (officially) announce that Multiplex: There and Back Again (Book Two) has won the Gold Medal for Graphic Novel/Drawn Book–Humor/Cartoon in the 2014 Independent Book Publisher Awards (a.k.a. the IPPYs)! That’s right, Multiplex is now an award-winning comic strip, and I am an award-winning cartoonist. Also, an award-winning publisher and book designer. (I don’t really count the 2008 WCRCA for Best Supporting Character.You can see the complete list of winners over at the Independent Publisher site.

In celebration, I’m offering $5 off Multiplex: There and Back Again for the next TWO WEEKS ONLY! (This basically amounts to free shipping for US folks — or a free upgrade to the Artist’s Edition — and a shipping discount for the rest of you fine folks who have read this far down.) This sale expires 5/20/14!

Win a copy of The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2!

The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 cover
Hey, everybody.

So the good folks at Newmarket Press/Harper Collins apparently heard that I liked this movie called How to Train Your Dragon, and since the sequel is on its way to theaters on June 13, 2014, they contacted me about giving away FIVE (5) copies of The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 to my readers. I have a copy of the first book, and it’s a gorgeous volume, and the second book should be just as great.

So here are the rules!

ON OR BEFORE MAY 1ST leave a comment below sharing your story of falling in love with How to Train Your Dragon (and if it relates to Multiplex, even better, but that won’t make any difference).

Some limitations do apply, I’m afraid: First, you must live within the United States. (Sorry — not my rule!) Second, you have to use a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS to post your comment below, so that I can contact you. (Obviously, if you win, I’ll need your mailing address, as well.) Winners will be selected at random from qualifying entries contacted by e-mail NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 2.

You can read the full book description and enter/comment below:

“Inside the greatest sci-fi film never made” by Bryan Bishop

The Verge’s Bryan Bishop has posted a terrific interview with Frank Pavich about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unproduced Dune. The interest in this project since Pavich’s documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune popped up has been awesome. I, for one, am dying for a giant, coffee table book loaded with pictures. (Not that one has been announced, but… hopefully someone will get the idea.)

Feast your eyes on this lovely piece by Chris Foss, and click through to the article at The Verge for the many, many more pictures: