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Shpadoinkle! Watch Cannibal! the Musical NOW

Cannibal! the Musical is a 1996 (pre-South Park) film by Trey Parker, starring Parker, his South Park comrade-in-arms Matt Stone and several familiar faces from Orgazmo: Dian Bachar (Choda Boy), Maseo Maki (G Fresh), and Toddy Walters (Georgi).

It’s distributed by Troma Films, which has officially put over a hundred of their films on YouTube — free.

If you’re a fan of South Park or Parker’s other movies (Orgazmo and Team America), you’ll probably love Cannibal!, as well. It’s absurdly, insanely hilarious, if a little uneven. Well worth at least one viewing — I still find myself catching small details when I revisit it: listen for Dian Bachar jingling his keys while he hits on the “Indian” woman.


No no no no no nonononono…

I forgot to include an embed of this with Thursday’s comic (Multiplex #733: Sick to My Stomach), but reader inezco reminded me: