Gretchen Queen

Gretchen Queen

Occupation: Freelance Writer


Shortly after Gretchen began working at the Multiplex, she created the Multiplex Examinera monthly one-woman zine about the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the personal lives its staff. Gretchen had a sexual relationship with Brian in order to get office gossip from him, but when his source dried up, she eagerly threw him to the wolves for a good scoop.

Gretchen has been cultivating Calvin as a new source of information — but she bit off more than she could chew recently by getting Franklin fired. The Multiplex gang (and some friends) conspired to fool her into printing a false story about Jason and Melissa having an affair, and Neil gave her the option of ending the Multiplex Examiner, being fired, or quitting (in exchange for a little dirt on Allen).

Gretchen chose Door #3 and called in a favor with Curtis from Flickhead Video for a job at the video store. She left after some time and is now a freelance writer.

Multiplex Examiners can be found for the following months: September 2006, November 2007, December 2007, March 2008, November 2008, and February 2009.