Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts

Birthdate: August 1, 1988
First Appearance: Multiplex #29


Brian was first introduced to the staff of the Multiplex when he provided Franklin his winning entry in the Stupid Question of the Year Awards for 2005, but soon after began working at the theater and began dating Sunny. By all appearances, they were a happy, if slightly horny couple, but we soon learned that Brian cheated on her with Gretchen.

After Sunny and Brian break up, he professed his love to Gretchen, who rebuffed him, calling him "an idiot." Brian denied this, and to prove it, he revealed that he had been pretending to be stupid since he started at the Multiplex 10, in order to steal from the theater without suspicion. Gretchen sold him out, though, and he was fired. According to the December 2007 Multiplex Examiner, Brian was arrested and likely to be charged with a misdemeanor.

Since leaving the Multiplex, he has apparently stepped up his young criminal career…