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Tell me a story. (Looking for a prose writer for an eBook single.) — UPDATED

I want to take a foray into electronic publishing.

I am looking for a (prose) writer to provide a short story, novella or non-fiction story that I will turn into an iBooks-formatted eBook for sale (in the iBookstore), released under my Chase Sequence publishing imprint. Chase Sequence published Multiplex: There and Back Again, which won the 2014 IPBA Gold Medal for Best Graphic Novel/Drawn Book–Humor/Cartoon, so technically it is an award-winning publisher.

There is no limitation with regard to genre, but I will say that my taste in prose leans strongly toward literary fiction and non-fiction, and toward characters, psychology, and well-written prose over plot. (Margaret Atwood is my favorite writer.)

What to Submit: A pitch for a 30+ page, prose short story/novella/non-fiction piece. No comics — no picture books. If you have already written the short story, great, but it must be previously unpublished. Please include links or URLs to a resumé and examples of previous published work would be helpful, to give me a feel for your voice.

Send questions (or submissions) to gordon at

The Terms: No money up front, but 50% of the cover price in exchange for one year of exclusivity (from the date of publication). The writer retains all other rights to their story. These will be sold via iBooks only (at least at first), which means that Apple will get 30% and I will get 20% for my contributions: I will edit the story; I will design and produce the eBook; I will illustrate a cover for it (or hire someone else to, if I’m not the best fit for the story); I will help promote it.

Please submit your pitch before April 30, 2015. I will notify the selected writer(s) I am interested in working with as soon as possible after that.

Thanks for your interest, everyone! I’ll review the submissions and get back to the one or two people whose work I’d like to move forward with shortly. (I’ll try to respond either way, actually, but you get the idea.)

Multiplex Chapter eBooks: the pre-release editions — and a word about Book Three

multiplex_ch31Announcing the pre-release editions of the Multiplex Chapter eBooks!

The “pre-release” versions don’t include any of the bonus comics that will find their way into the official Chapter eBook release or the print collections, because they don’t exist yet. They haven’t been formatted to fit each strip on its own page, either, but the commentary is new (and likely to change before the official/final release), so if you like the PDF eBooks because of the commentary and the high resolution vector art, you will enjoy re-reading the archives this way, too.

The pre-release eBooks are available exclusively to Patreon backers at the $3 level and higher.

Chapters 31 and 32 are available NOW (dig through the Activity Stream for links!), with future chapters coming roughly every month until I’m all caught up. I’m starting with Book Seven, and then I’ll go back to Book Six (a.k.a. the movie storyline), then Book Five — and moving forward, I plan to release future chapters shortly after they’re wrapped. I know this might sound a little weird. It makes sense in my head.

Books Three and Four will have to wait for the official releases, because it doesn’t make as much sense to me to do the pre-release edition only to replace them a year later.

Now that the Multiplex: There and Back Again Kickstarter is winding down… I want to set my sights on producing the bonus material for Book Three next (assuming sales of Book Two merit moving forward with the print collections).

So this summer, I hope to get started on the bonus material for the third print collection. But rather than launch a Kickstarter project that could take two years to fulfill, I’d like to use Patreon to cover the living expenses I’ve built into the first two Kickstarters (and badly underestimated). That way, when I do launch a Book Three Kickstarter, it is solely for the printing costs of the book and the cost of the Kickstarter rewards. Hopefully, that will mean rather than waiting almost two years for a book like with Book Two, it’ll only be a matter of months.

The Multiplex: Chapter 9 eBook is now available!

The Multiplex: Chapter 9 eBook is now available! Chapter 9 contains strips #165–189 from the Multiplex archives, plus seven bonus comics not found in the archives, fleshing out the narrative and adding so many lulz you wouldn’t even believe man.

I’ll be starting on Chapter 10 as soon as I finished Thursday’s comic.

Multiplex: Chapter 9 cover

The Chapter 6 eBook is now available for pre-order!

I spoke a little too soon yesterday. Last night, I got a bug up my hind end and cranked out the rest of the revised Chapter eBooks, so the revised edition of Chapters 1–5 are now available through the Multiplex Store at their new price of $1.49 apiece (or $5.95 for the set). As I mentioned yesterday, if you’ve already purchased the Chapter 1–5 set (and yes, this includes people who got them for “free” by backing the Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show Kickstarter project!), you can simply re-download them from your Multiplex Store’s Accounts / Downloads page to get the revised editions. While there’s no new content, there is a new introduction to the Chapter 1 eBook (explaining why I made the revised edition), and there are some corrections — mostly typos and small artistic/continuity errors that snuck into the previous editions and even the print book.


I’ve also created Chapter pages for the new eBooks — as well as the upcoming Chapter 6 eBook, which is now available for pre-order! It should arrive in early October (if not sooner). I have one last bonus comic to create for it, and a few finishing touches to one of the “extended scenes,” so it won’t be long now.

The Chapter 6 eBook collects strips #103–121 from the Multiplex archives, plus six bonus comics (a few of which first appeared at the Deleted Scenes blog) — all for only $1.49. Meet the Flickhead video gang for the first time all over again, and watch Jason make an ass out of himself… oh, wait. That’s pretty much all the time, isn’t it?

Anyway. If you’re one of those Multiplex fans eager to see the Book 2 print collection come out sooner or later, please get the Chapter eBooks. The revenue from the eBooks enables me to get the bonus material for the print collections done — so even if you’re not all that interest in the eBook format, they’re a great way to help speed up the production of the print collections!

And, you won’t be spoiling the printed book completely, since — like Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show (Book 1) — there will be even more bonus comics exclusive to the print book. Unlike Book 1, however, the exclusive comics in Book 2 won’t be a single story, but several strips spread throughout the book. I feel like the arc in Book 2 is a lot stronger than Book 1’s, since it centers around Becky & Jay and that period where Jason quit the Multiplex 10, so there wasn’t really a need to include a new, longer story, like there was in Book 1, and will be in Books 3 and 4 (which I think will revolve around Brian and James, respectively).