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“How did feathers evolve?” by Carl Zimmer and Armella Leung

This terrific animated short from TED-Ed looks at the evolution of modern bird feathers using narration by Carl Zimmer and some lovely animation by Armella Leung. Beautifully done.

“Paperman” by John Kahrs

Paperman played in front of Wreck-It Ralph‘s theatrical run, and it was absolutely wonderful. (Your mileage may vary, but if you appreciate a little magical realism, you’ll probably dig it.) The music by Christophe Beck is lovely, the sort of hybrid 2D/CGI animation technique is lovely… It’s just a lovely short film. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy. If you have, I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing it again.

“Marcel, King of Tervuren” by Tom Schroeder

This is a really cool animated short by Tom Schroeder (who is apparently from Minnesota). It’s playing in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Fair warning: There’s a little bit of not-too-graphic rooster-on-rooster violence in there for you sensitive ones.

“Plays of Light” by Gordon McAlpin

This video is the third and final project for my GDES8114 Graphic Design Studio class at University of Minnesota —Twin Cities. It’s more than a little depressing, and a bit slow-paced (like how I like my movies). And (mild spoilers) it’s probably a little bit like how Jason’s next film will be. My camera doesn’t handle low light video as well as I’d hoped, unfortunately, and I wished I’d had more footage to incorporate into the second half of the film, but I’m generally happy with the results.

Thanks to Miles Mercer for access to the Hollywood Theater and Earl Luckes for access to the Parkway Theater (and turning on the projector). Historic photographs of the Hollywood Theater courtesy the Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries.

Music: “Virtutes Instrumenti” by Kevin MacLoed (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0