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The Importance of Being Earnest excerpt

Some of you seem to be curious about what I do with my time when I’m not working on Multiplex, so here’s an example of what I’ve been working on in grad school. For my Digital Illustration and Animation class, I took an excerpt from Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and animated it as a way to learn how to animate with Flash. (Yeah, I know, it’s weird they’re still teaching this, but it’s been useful.) I created these shots in Flash and edited it together with Final Cut Pro.

The dialogue is from the 1986 BBC TV production of the play starring Rupert Frazer and Paul McGann. The music is from Night Music of the Streets of Madrid (Opus 30 No. 6 (G. 324)) by Luigi Boccherini, as peformed by Cuarteto Casals and Eckart Runge).  My favorite version of this piece was used prominently in one of my favorite adventure movies, Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World, incidentally.

(And because this happens every time I post anything like this: please don’t “critique” it. I’m not interested. I know it’s rough around the edges.)

Monday’s strip will be late…

Longtime readers know how loathe I am to miss an update, particularly because of anything so silly as being sick, but I’ve been largely bedridden since Friday night — feverish, intermittently nauseous, and sundry other funtimes. (Thank God for my iPad, or I would have had to live without the Internet.)

I’m on the mend, but not yet 100%. Or even 75%, for that matter.

Anyway, so Monday’s strip will be posted late Monday night, most likely, if not Tuesday. Sorry!

Multiplex Workplace Poster series

In honor of Labor Day here in the US of A, I wanted to share with you guys something I’ve been working on. Multiplex Book Two backers and those of you who follow me on Twitter or the Multiplex Facebook page will have seen earlier versions of a few of these, but they’re Multiplex-themed movie theater/workplace posters featuring the main Multiplex cast. I came up with Jason’s poster for one of the Book 2 Kickstarter rewards and liked the idea enough to keep making more.

An 18″x24″ version of Jason’s poster will be available in the coming weeks from the Multiplex Store; they’re being printed this week, so if you want one, stay tuned for that! I’m also planning to make the full set of five posters available as 11″x17″ mini-posters (most likely for $20 for the set). I will need to do a pre-order in order to finance the printing for the set, though, since, y’know, I’m a grad student. We’ll see.

If these sell well, I’ll make more! Feel free to suggest themes for what they could touch on in the comments — though keep in mind, they’re meant to double as half-serious PSA’s, not just be snarky posters.

I’ve got a (late) comic to finish, so without further ado, here are the posters!

Multiplex Workplace Poster - Franklin

Multiplex Workplace Poster - Becky

Multiplex Workplace Poster - Jason

Multiplex Workplace Poster - Kurt

Multiplex Workplace Poster - Melissa

Jelly & Bean #40: Kirk Didn’t Really Seem That Smart

I filled in for Bean, one of the co-hosts of the Jelly and Bean podcast, so if you want to hear me talk about Multiplex, Macs, Steve Ballmer, bad movie logic, and more with Jelly (a.k.a. Daniel Farrelly, the programmer of the Multiplex iOS app), click on over to the Jelly and Bean website and check this shit out!

Spoiler Warning: Jelly is from Australia, so he sounds funny!