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Book 2 Update and a bonus comic from Book 3

Multiplex: There and Back Again (Book 2) is being proofread, and I’m doing other technical stuff, getting the files ready for print. I’m also waiting to hear back from my distributor about various things before deciding on a final print run. Once I have the print run determined, I can settle on a printer and figure out when the book will be available — hopefully late summer or early fall, but… we’ll see. I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m frustrated that the book is running late. I had hoped that the new content would have been done at the end of the summer, so my “free time” during the school year could be used to do the various rewards, and I could get a Book 3 Kickstarter going for the summer. Obviously, that didn’t happen, and I intend to finish everything related to the Book 2 Kickstarter project before launch a Book 3 Kickstarter project — but I still hope to get the next book started much, much sooner — so that I can get it out in under a year.

I shouldn’t need as much time with Book 3, because it will have fewer bonus comics than Books 1 and 2 did — roughly 20. Books 1 & 2 had about 30 bonus strips, plus Book 1’s Prequel story. Anyway, last weekend, I ended up taking a look at what Book 3 will entail and got sidetracked with thinking about what I would do in the bonus comics for the first chapter in Book 3 (a.k.a. Chapter 11). Aaaaand since I was enjoying myself, I decided to do this strip, despite having other things I should be working on (like graduate school stuff)…

Anyway, the strip below is set prior to Multiplex #217, making it the first strip in the book.


 The Hollywood Pitch

Multiplex: Book 3 bonus comic

Multiplex: There and Back Again and Card Game update

I’ve been quiet about Multiplex: There and Back Again over at Kickstarter for too long, but I just wanted to say that over the winter break, I did make a fair amount of headway on the second Multiplex print book.

A kinda-sorta “recap” of Book 1 has been finished, and all that remains is waiting for an intro from one fellow webcartoonist (who shall remain secret for now) and a cover from, well, me. Truth be told, I have struggled with this cover for too long, and I have enlisted a little help in getting me past my own artistic block with it. Hopefully I’ll get that done in the next couple of weeks, and then the book can go to press. It is safe to say that the original April-ish release is not happening, but it should be in your hands this summer.


The Multiplex Card Game is another story. I am still very excited about it, but development on it has had to stop for the time being, because of my workload at school. I need to do a ground-up rework of the box office (revenue generation) system in the game, because under the current rules, while there are a lot of die rolls for two players, it is still fun and manageable — once I play-tested it with three players, though, it becomes a massive clusterfuck.

When I am able to do anything more than just barely keep up with the two weekly strip updates, I’ll try to revisit it. I am still hoping to get a Kickstarter project for that off the ground for the summer — but obviously, finishing Book 2 and fulfilling all of the Kickstarter rewards for that will come first.

Multiplex: the Card Game art by Angela Melick

Here’s one more piece of art from the Multiplex-inspired card game I’m working on for my Game Design class.

This card illustration is by Angela Melick, who does the aweseome strip Wasted Talent. She also did this guest strip for Multiplex not very long ago, so you should have already started reading her comic. If you haven’t, you and I cannot be friends.

Angela was tasked with the film still for Katy Perry’s Grandmama, in which Katy Perry (“in her directorial debut”) goes undercover as her own grandmother (Obviously, it’s a lazy reference to Tyler Perry’s Madea flicks, mixed with more than a little bit of Big Momma’s House. Blame me for that.)

There’s stil time to contribute a film still to the Multiplex card game, please e-mail me some LINKS to your samples (no attachments!) — gordon at, of course — and also let me know some genres of film you might be interested in doing. I need the art by the end of the month (and I might be able to push it a little bit longer than that), so get a hold of me soon!

Multiplex: the Card Game art by Jason Swearingen

Here’s another piece of art from the Multiplex-inspired card game I’m working on for my Game Design class.

This card illustration is by Jason Swearingen, who was one of my writers at the late, lamented Movie Make-out. He currently draws and designs comics for the Dread Arts Company, a Chicago-based comics publisher, so check that out.

Jason’s “assignment” was to create a still for the (fake) Gangers Action flick, Mexican Standoff. The synopsis read: “When three criminals on the lam from three different cartels take refuge in the same safehouse, all hell breaks loose.” Jason took an “A Gang Apart” (Tarantino) approach to the project, and I think the results are pretty freakin’ fantastic.

Once again… if you would like to contribute a film still to the Multiplex card game, please e-mail me some LINKS to your samples (no attachments!) — gordon at, of course — and also let me know some genres of film you might be interested in doing. I need the art by the end of the month — so it’s a quick turn-around! Please do not volunteer if you cannot meet OR BEAT this deadline or follow directions, because I won’t be able to use your art and you will have wasted your time, and I will feel badly about it, but that’s just how it is. (If you’re interested in doing more than one, that would be awesome, too, but we’ll take it one at a time.)

The shitty part is, because this is a student project, there is a zero dollar budget. However, there’s a chance that if playtesting goes well, I’ll be publishing this as a proper game next year (or so), in which case all of the artists whose work I use in that will be paid to license their work. And, of course, you/they would keep their copyright.