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Enter Szajda

A few incredibly generous Kickstarter backers got a full-page comic as one of their rewards, penciled and inked by myself, based on a theme of their suggestion. A couple of them have asked that their comics not be shared publicly (or not online, at least), but here’s one I can share with you. James Szajda asked to be featured visiting the Multiplex 10 and have the female staff fawn over him. I posted the pencils on the Kickstarter Updates page on Sunday (sorry, it’s for backers only), and here is the inked page.

I’ve been playing around with a semi-digital workflow on hand-drawn pages recently, where I pencil the comic digitally in Manga Studio Debut, then print it out to ink it traditionally. I use a mix of brush, crow quill and markers, but mostly brush.


Portrait of a Webcartoonist as a Young Man

This is what at least 50% of all webcartoonists look like 15 minutes after posting a new comic.

The rest of them look like women.

HiJINKS! A Vagrant! or, The Greatest Webcomic in the History of the Internet Evar

When Stand By Me came out, people insisted on calling me Gordie all the time. It was fucking torture. I’m not sure if it bothered me more or less that it was such a great movie.

(It’s not Gordo, Gordy, Gordie, G. Gordon Liddy or Gordon Lightfoot. It’s just Gordon, please. G is alright, though. And I don’t even mind Flash, depending on who’s calling me  that.)

On Multiplex and cut-and-paste comics

(Originally posted at LiveJournal on July 29, 2008.)