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Franklin Explains EVE Online

In this Kickstarter backer comic for Chase Davis, Jason and Becky have decided to let Franklin teach them how to play EVE Online, a science fiction MMO that I was addicted to for the better part of two months about a year ago. It’s such an amazingly deep game that it’s all but impossible to sum up in only one page, so I had to cut out massive swaths of dialog until you get what you see here. But people familiar with the game will understand what they’re talking about. And hopefully some of the rest of you will, too.

This is probably the last of the Kickstarter backer comics I’ll be sharing here. The others have requested their strip not be posted online. But there will be other hand-drawn Multiplex comics coming… sooner or later. This is what Deleted Scenes is all about.


Skeleton in the Closet

Here’s another one of the Kickstarter backer comics, this one for Phat Do (yes, that’s his real name), who gave a rather detailed outline of how he wanted to strip to go, rather than a vague idea.

Not my best inking job, I’m afraid. I attempted to pencil it more loosely than perhaps I should have (and another example of why I prefer to letter digitally — or at least do the balloons digitally), but there’s bits I like in it.


Enter Szajda

A few incredibly generous Kickstarter backers got a full-page comic as one of their rewards, penciled and inked by myself, based on a theme of their suggestion. A couple of them have asked that their comics not be shared publicly (or not online, at least), but here’s one I can share with you. James Szajda asked to be featured visiting the Multiplex 10 and have the female staff fawn over him. I posted the pencils on the Kickstarter Updates page on Sunday (sorry, it’s for backers only), and here is the inked page.

I’ve been playing around with a semi-digital workflow on hand-drawn pages recently, where I pencil the comic digitally in Manga Studio Debut, then print it out to ink it traditionally. I use a mix of brush, crow quill and markers, but mostly brush.


Portrait of a Webcartoonist as a Young Man

This is what at least 50% of all webcartoonists look like 15 minutes after posting a new comic.

The rest of them look like women.