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The Avengers: What did you think? (SPOILERS)


As I said in the Notes for today’s strip, I absolutely loved The Avengers. It exceeded my expectations by a wide, wide margin.

The plot was kind of unremarkable, sure — standard-issue, super-villain plot with some MacGuffin-chasing thrown in — but the character moments were beautifully handled (always Whedon’s strong suit); the action was amazingly good; and it was funny as all hell, without ever undermining the urgency of the story.

The alien villains were a little on the faceless side, but I think in this first movie that’s good, because it let us focus on the team much more than if we had a more front-and-center villain. If they follow through with the Thanos tease in a second Avengers flick, this shouldn’t be an issue again.

Some quibbles:

1) The score. Cool (if not spectacular) theme, but the score never really did much for me throughout the film. I barely noticed it, and as a huge fan of movie scores, I generally try to notice the music.

2) What’s up with the Hulk anger issues? This one is more of a question, really, because I loved how the Hulk was used in the film more than enough to overlook this, but in the first scene with him, he’s raging at everything and fighting everyone. In the finale, he’s in control enough to cooperate with the others. Why?

3) Getting knocked unconscious breaks the magical mind control? I guess so.

4) What, was Thor standing in that field waiting to pick up the hammer for like five hours while everybody else got their shit together?

5) When the mothership goes down, all the aliens just shut down, too? Really? Cheap.

6) More of a marketing complaint, but I wish — oh I wish — that Hulk catching Iron Man hadn’t been in the trailer. Such a great moment, and coming after the climax of the film, practically, it should have been kept as a surprise.

Minor quibbles, all, don’t get me wrong. If I were still reviewing movies, I’d still give the film a well-earned 5 star rating. (Remember: I don’t do halfsies, and that doesn’t mean I think it’s perfect — just that I loved it.) As soon as I can get my girlfriend caught up on the earlier Marvel flicks (she’s seen two of the five), I’ll be seeing it again.